Meditation Beads

Meditation Beads

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To the right are the beads I made to help aid meditation. I find using beads really does work better because you don’t have to keep an eye on the time…

I made the traditional mala of 108 beads, but I separated them at each 10, and then the last 8, with the small red beads. I think it looks really pretty but as I’m not used to the feel of them yet I can’t say having the smaller separating beads helped at all. I may have to design another mala, and I also think I’ll use all black beads the next time.

Some people prefer to use semi-precious stones to make up their mala so that it has the added bonus of healing/energising properties. I prefer mine to be made of wood as they are lighter – and if you’re meditating for more than 10 minutes 108 beads can become very heavy!

Another way to use meditation beads is to have a shorter wrist-sized mala, usually of 27 beads. 27 goes in to 108 four times so as long as you remember to go round the shorter mala four times you would still be completing the same meditation ritual, but with a pocket sized mala you can take anywhere!

You can find meditation beads all over the internet. I think the best thing to do is to make your own and then you can personalise it to your own needs. And if you only want a wooden beaded mala – it is much cheaper to make one than to buy one!

If you do decide to buy one – perhaps to go for a particular stone with healing qualities or that means something to you – I suggest checking out Etsy where you can search for hand made ones. They usually have a slightly more relaxed feel to them than mass-produced malas.


2 thoughts on “Meditation Beads

    • I always use the beads – that way I don’t have to worry about time or counting. A friend of mine has a couple of favourite meditation tracks she uses though as she does a lot more breathing exercises (something I need to focus more on!). Each track is 15 minutes long so she keeps track of time that way. I think as long as you find a way that avoids you needing to look at a clock then you’ve got something that works for you!

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