Your Yoga Playlist

I did something today that felt a bit naughty…

I played Miguel’s new album in the background whilst I did yoga. You know, the album with lyrics like “How many drinks would it take you to leave with me?” and “Diamond in the back, babies on crack…”

I usually use a brilliant app on my macbook when practising yoga at home called All-In-Yoga. The app comes with a number of calming background music tracks that play whilst it takes you through any sequence. I’ve never had a problem with choosing one before (Eastern Promises is my favourite for any fellow app users!) but today I had a spring in my step from the gym and didn’t feel in a calming mood. I wanted Miguel.

Is this bad? From what I’ve been taught yoga should be almost synonymous with meditation and spiritual therapy, hence the non-interfering music that is usually played in the background. But if I’m practising it either in the morning or evening in the meditative sense… is there anything wrong with a more up tempo session of afternoon yoga delight?


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