Life Is A Journey

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Being fairly new to meditation, so far I’ve tended to restrict myself to my bedroom. Once there I go for the whole shebang… lights off, candles lit, calm music, door locked to stop any wandering housemates interrupting me.

However, recently a friend told me about a concept that has been developed called Headspace. On their website they claim to provide the software to enable “meditation for modern life”. The program teaches you a method of meditation that last for ten minutes that should lower stress levels and improve your mood – and what’s great about it is that you can log on on multiple platforms anywhere you are, you don’t have to be at home sat in the lotus pose with your eyes shut.

(You can also get several meditation podcasts developed for the Guardian by Headspace by clicking here!)

So I thought I’d try it! Being a student, despite one who is really excited by her subject, there can be the odd lecture where I can feel my eyes drooping and my focus getting lost completely. What would be great would be instead of letting this affect my focus for the rest of the lecture, why not practice meditation for a quick 5 or 10 minutes to get my focus back? As the beads I made (see below) have been so great in helping me keep a steady rhythm so far I thought I’d make a short bracelet mala of 27 beads (see above). With these I think you are meant to go round them four times but I’m just going to see how it goes – if it only takes two for me to focus my mind and get my head back in to the lecture then that’s good enough for me!

And I absolutely loved the little “Journey” tag that I found in my local bead shop. It just seems to encompass exactly where I am right now, at the start of a great exciting journey. It also reminds me to keep going. I’m very determined and active and always have lots of projects on the go so sometimes if I fall slightly behind on one it can affect my drive and make me feel like giving up for the day. But with this on my wrist hopefully it will remind me to keep going!



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