Motown Raver

It can be difficult to get in to the pattern of practising yoga & meditation daily, but thousands of people do it. Why? Because it makes them feel great!

For me the best way to keep feeling great isn’t to overdo it on the meditation front though. I realised this about 10 minutes ago in my kitchen. I put on my Motown playlist to sing along to while I made a cuppa, and ended up dancing around the kitchen and singing at the top of my voice. I am a huge music fan…it can mean so many different things all at once and to so many different people! The way a songwriter can come up with the words to match your feelings, and the production of the music to match your mood…it has always astounded me.

I had fully intended to spend the afternoon in a long yoga session…pushing the boundaries. But for one day I think I will allow myself to ignore the search for inner calm and throw on my Motown playlist while tidying my room (see below!). Chances are with all the dancing it will take twice as long but if I feel great at the end of it I don’t see the problem!

Just remember… it’s great to ride the wave and experience for yourself the benefits of yoga and meditation. But there are so many great ways to get naturally high out there always do what feels best for you at the time!

Happy dancing!

Motown iTunes


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