Tidy Room, Tidy Mind…


In the top right corner in the above image there is a small hint of the tidiness of my room. As much as I try, I can never hide the tangled mess of wires underneath my desk and it drives me mad.

Since beginning meditation & yoga I’ve spent far more time keeping my room tidy. Student life isn’t helpful to this mission; there are always birthdays to go to or host, friends at other universities coming to stay, deadlines to meet that are conducive to piles of dirty plates & countless dirty mugs left around the room. Cleaning is an endless cycle!

In order to have the space for a quick 15 minute session of yoga in the morning I have to spend an extra 15 minutes putting away clothes from the night before that are scattered about – and for some reason (even though yoga is obviously practised on the floor) I can’t concentrate on anything unless my desk is tidy! Is it just me or is everyone plagued by the need for a tidy room before attempting to quiet their mind?


One thought on “Tidy Room, Tidy Mind…

  1. I didn’t used to be this way. But within the last couple months, I’ve found myself cleaning my room and my kitchen (when necessary) before meditating. A friend of mine told me it was something about Qi, or as you say in the title, “Tidy Room, Tidy Mind.”

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