A Timescale is Not An Ambush

I bet if I was ask the majority of you how you felt after meditating there would be a general consensus towards positive words.

“Calm; Serene; Encouraged; Optimistic; Hopeful; Confident; Buoyant…”

I’ve noticed that one of the most beautiful things about meditating is that when you first close your eyes, you are closing them to the hustle of everyday life. You’re thinking about things that need to be done, things that should have been done days ago, people you should have called, the mess the carpet is in because you still haven’t got around to hoovering… you get the gist.

How many of you still have that rattling around in your mind when you’ve finished your meditation and re-open your eyes? I know I don’t. It’s as if the calm you have been practising has filtered all the way down your body and released the tension that was there when you started.

All those things that go through my mind before I start mediating don’t disappear. But after meditating, and often after yoga aswell, they cease to ambush me all at once and I just think…

“okay, what’s first?”

And then I go and do it. Calmly.

For me, one of the greatest benefits of meditation is the ability to put life in perspective and make me realise that we only make our way through it bit by bit… so why worry about everything all at once?


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