Remind Yourself That Life Is Beautiful

When I’m not studying I have a part-time job in a supermarket. On Saturdays I do a day-long shift and whilst to most people it might seem like a boring job, it’s always so busy and by the time I’m back at mine I’m wiped out until around 11am the following Sunday.

This Sunday was no exception. Deadlines are really kicking in at the moment and I just seemed exhausted – so much so that I ended up napping again in the afternoon for another two hours! By the time my mind was fully rested my body still felt a bit weak; you know the kind of weak feeling you get when you know you need exercise?

After dragging myself out of bed for the second time around 2pm I opened the curtains & the sun was absolutely streaming through my window! The weather had changed drastically from the dreary & dull sight of mid-morning…

My bedroom window...

My bedroom window…

I considered doing some yoga to strengthen myself up but instead I threw on a coat and some earmuffs & took myself on a walk along the seafront. My parents moved us down to the South from London when I was 9 years old and I have been a water baby ever since! I made sure that I stayed on the South coast when moving away to go to university – there’s just nothing like having a bad day and being able to wash it all off with a swim or a session on a friend’s windsurfer. When I am in the sea I am the happiest I can be. Obviously it is far too cold at the moment to swim in the sea (after all these years I still don’t own my own wetsuit!) but in this weather just being close to the water is the nearest thing I can get to the calm other people get from meditation or prayer.

My seafront walk...

My seafront walk…

By the time I got back and indulged in an hour long yoga session I felt ready for the rest of the week to start. I woke up this morning refreshed & not at all tired! Probably the best I’ve felt on a Monday for a long time.

It enabled me to see that yoga & meditation shouldn’t be seen as an alternative to those things which already make you happy. Try and combine all the great aspects in your life – you’ll be amazed at the outcome!


2 thoughts on “Remind Yourself That Life Is Beautiful

  1. Just wanted to drop you a note telling you that the feeling is mutual and I really enjoy your blog as well! I’ve been slacking a bit on my entries….no excuses, just life. But I do plan on blogging more frequently from here on out. Anyway, I love your words, and your positive outlook. It always brightens my day :)

    • I’m so glad! The wonderful thing about blogging is that what you write can connect with so many people – so I’m very happy that what I write can brighten your day, I do try to keep it upbeat! Keep up with the blogging, your insights are beautiful!

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