Never, Ever Give Up… Inspiration from Arthur Boorman

Today I cam across the video below. There is very little more I can say about it until you’ve watched it, but if you take 5 minutes out of your day for anything today, do it for this:

More than anything, the journey taken by Arthur Boorman shows just how powerful yoga is. And not just the poses themselves, but the importance of the breathing, the awareness of your body, and the lifestyle change that can happen if you put your mind to it.

You may not have disabilities like Arthur did, or the pain, or the weight. But you don’t need those things to be unhappy with your lifestyle or your diet, and you don’t need those things to push you in to healthier living.

Neither should you take this video to think badly of your own journey. We all give up, miss one of our sessions or don’t see the improvements taking place. Sometimes videos such as this can make us feel guiltier about ourselves – if Arthur can do it why can’t I? If that spurs you on, then great, but don’t think that with all he endured that Arthur’s journey was any less harder than your own will be. Everyone struggles and that’s okay. We learn more about ourselves by passing through the struggles than by taking life easy and just doing what is comfortable.

I took control. I stopped thinking of myself as a victim of my injuries. I stopped thinking of these as permanent conditions. I started thinking of how to fix things. I started working the program every day. I fell down many times. Hard. I got back up every time, more determined than ever to make this work. (Arthur’s story)

We can often blame outside influences for our state of living: we don’t have enough time, we have injuries like Arthur, our job is too stressful, I’m too heavy for some of the poses, there are other things more important to get on with. The danger is when we let all these things combine to weigh over us and prevent us from moving forward. Instead, look at each issue individually and fit your practice around them. Not enough time? Swap that television session for a yoga session. Too heavy? Start small and each day gradually increase your flexes. Injuries or disabilities? Go to a yoga class and speak with the instructor about how best to work around these and/or incorporate them to strengthen your body.

I put up with disbelieving friends and co-workers. I heard the negativity, and I ignored it. They started thinking differently when they saw the pounds begin to drop off and when they saw me moving better, with less pain and greater endurance and mobility. (Arthur’s story)

At the start of this year I told my best friend I would stop smoking. She would nag me every time I went out for a cigarette but then when I said I would finally put the effort in to quit, she scoffed at me and I thought, well what’s the point? If it makes no difference to her opinion of me then why should I? It is important to get the support of friend and family networks, but if anybody doubts that you can change for the better ignore them. At the start of the year I was weak and thought that I should change for others. Now I know that you can only change if you are committed to bettering yourself. Realise the things you do in your life that harm your lifestyle and commit to changing them for you!

I hope that  this video has touched you as it has done me. Never, ever give up!

Click here to read Arthur’s story.


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