Overnight Oats


Recently I read that Tibetan Buddhist monks go to bed just after dusk & rise early in the morning with dawn to make the most of the natural light…

…I have a problem with this. At school I used to be up at 6am every morning without fail but once I stopped needing to be anywhere at 9am with college and university my body clock got used to lie-ins. And boy do I love my bed!

Nevertheless, I am the most productive when I get up early and manage to start my day’s work around 8am so I have been making a conscious effort to get myself up and in to some kind of routine! It helps that I found an old phone of mine recently that has the most god-awful alarm and is the best (& most horrific) wake up call.

Linked with my disastrous waking patterns is the inability to eat breakfast. I know what you’re thinking… If I had a penny for the amount of times I heard someone say… “But it’s the most important meal of the day!” The problem is when your body gets used to lying in it also gets used to not eating until around 11am. Trust me though, when the body is ready it’s ready! You know that person in your 10am lecture who’s stomach is always growling loud enough for the lecturer to hear? Yeah… That’s me.

So along with the cure for oversleeping I’ve also been looking for the perfect breakfast! Last night this led me to Lauren Conrad’s website (if you’ve never seen it check it out – I love her & get so much inspiration from her site!). She has a recipe in there for Overnight Oats which looked like just the thing I was looking for! It’s simple to make & easily customisable to fit your tastes… As well as taking no prep in the morning! You can just eat & go which is great for someone always in a rush like me!

I edited her recipe a little because I didn’t have any yoghurt in the house so here is what I made for breakfast this morning:

A 300g jar (it had held Thai green curry paste so I had to pray I washed all of that it thoroughly!)
2 teaspoons of peanut butter
Half a jar of porridge oats
Equal quantities of milk & tap water

And there you go! I shook the jar, chucked it in the fridge & this morning I added some sliced banana and a dribble of honey just to sweeten it up! It was perfection! It’s now 7.40 where I am and thanks to the Buddhist way & Lauren Conrad I am up, showered & fed all ready for the day!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

UPDATE: As I was scrolling through my reader after writing this I saw Reth’s Recipes blog and thought… Surely she knows the wonder of overnight oats! I popped over to her site & popped overnight oats in to the search bar & there they were! I love her blog & I suggest anyone who fancies trying this for breakfast should pop on over and try out one of her delightful (& much more informative!) recipes :)


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