5 Reasons Why You Should Join In On A Yoga Challenge!

Whilst I’ve been more than happy posting pictures of my hands all over the internet to promote my wrist malas, sharing my yoga poses with the world wasn’t something I was looking forward to doing!

But here we are, on a blog about meditation and yoga. With absolutely no pictures to prove to any of you that I do any yoga whatsoever. Thankfully, you have all been kind enough to take my word for it… until now!

If you are a yogi on instagram you will have seen all the monthly challenges circulating – it seems every pose picture is hash-tagged with a different challenge! For months now I have been following and admiring (getting jealous over) the amazing poses snapped by yogis all over the world, and wondering if I could ever do it? I have managed to get in to a daily routine (yay!) but mostly this consists of varying sequences of the sun salutation and the odd yoga video I find on youtube. The brilliant thing about these challenges is that they push you to practice poses you normally wouldn’t go near in a sequence. Downward dog to scorpion? I don’t think so. But when practising each pose alone you are able to focus your mind completely on where the strength needs to be in your body, by imagining yourself in it and feeling your way in to it. All of this I realised today whilst trying to pull off a variation of the waterfall pose. Ready for it…

YogaFools Day1

So there I am… doing yoga! And now that I have started this 30-day challenge it looks like I’ll be posting daily so if you need more proof you can find me on Instagram @imeditationbead :)

Don’t get me wrong, joining a challenge is scary; there are so many amazing yogis out there that you don’t feel you can compete! But the best thing about these challenges is that they’re not competitions at all! So below are my 5 reasons why you should join in on a yoga challenge!

  1. Face your fears – if you’re like me, the thought of strangers seeing you in your Primark leggings might strike fear in to you! But one of my favourite mottos in life is “Do something you’re scared of every day” so what could be better for this than to practice a pose you may be scared of, or upload a picture that you might be terrified of everyone hating when in fact you could end up with more likes that you’ve ever had before!
  2. You are not alone – home practice can often seem lonely, especially if you’re used to going to classes once or twice a week! Challenges are a great way to connect with people after your session. By seeing others peoples photos each day, you can also see those who may not be able to hold a pose as well as you can right now, as well as those who are far more advanced – both of which offer solidarity and motivation!
  3. You have the opportunity to learn something new every day – if you are a beginner, or stuck in a bit of a rut, challenges are a great way to learn! The #yogafools challenge that I have joined in with is run by three experienced yogis (@laurasykora, @masumi_g, @gypsetgoddess) who give great step-by-step instructions under each daily pose.
  4. You are forced to make your yoga practice a habit – there is no better way to make a habit out of your yoga practice than through daily practice, and what better way to make sure this happens than through the pressure of needing to upload a photo daily to prove you’ve kept up with the challenge!
  5. You can track your progress – the final great thing about joining an Instagram challenge is that by taking photos every day you are able to keep a clear record of your improvement – what better motivation is there than seeing the ways in which you yourself can succeed?

I hope my 5 reasons have convinced you! Don’t be afraid to give it a go – you never know how much you could improve in just 30 days!


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