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Author of “I Am Yoga”

This blog came about from a bit of a self-induced wake up call to do more with the time I have… quit smoking, practice yoga & meditation daily, learn more about yoga & meditation. I am a 22 year old undergraduate who is very close to her final exams & that big scary graduation date & there’s something about taking nothing with me after graduation but a cigarette addiction that wasn’t quite sitting right with me.

The site is called “I Am” yoga merely because “I Am” was the first mantra I used when trying meditation for the very first time and the one I continue to use to the most effect.

So here I am, trying to lead a healthier lifestyle & writing about it for no use other than to give myself a bit of outside pressure to commit & to share with my readers any useful tidbits I find on my own journey!

Please feel free to leave any helpful comments & tips! Constructive criticism is never a bad thing for someone striving for a bit of self-improvement :)


8 thoughts on “About Katie

  1. Keep hold of that precious Aspiration in your Heart to grow, to change, to transform yourself and discover new worlds Within….it is this that will carry you along the Path, it is the magnetic power that attracts new experiences and Awakenings toward you, which includes the eventual truth that You Are All……best wishes along your Yoga Journey.

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