Help! I’ve Fallen in Love With My Blender…

Yesterday I bought my very first hand blender – and I haven’t been able to put it down since! For months now I’ve been seeing fellow yogis & health nuts posting pics of their green/brown mushy drinks and thinking why on earth would anyone drink that? But in the spirit of giving everything a go […]

Sleep Is The Best Meditation

Thought I’d share a little Dalai Lama quote with you that keeps running over in my head. Probably because I used it as my mantra before I went to bed last night… Sleep is the best meditation I have a huge issue with getting to sleep at night – probably not unlike a lot of you reading […]

7 Health Benefits of Meditation!

Today I read an incredible article published here on… It describes an experiment conducted by Harvard Medical School who discovered that meditation can actively encourage the following physical changes to our body: Increased immunity Emotional balance Increased fertility Relief from irritable bowel syndrome Lowers blood pressure Acts as an Anti-inflammatory against Stress Calmness of […]