Wrist Mala Giveaway!

Hi guys! I have just launched my first Instagram giveaway! To win six handmade wrist malas all you need to do is go to @imeditiationbead and share the image below, with #imeditate & ‘follow @imeditationbead’ in the comments below: You can see more details about each mala by visiting my shop: iMeditate.┬áIf you need a […]

Creative Explosion!

So I went a bit mad with my beads yesterday. I decided to give myself the day off dissertation writing (time will tell if this was a mistake!) and made a huge mess in my room trying out different mala bead patterns and styles. Which left me with these beauties below! I’m especially sad to […]

Thank You!!

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to the amazing response I have had to this blog! Today I reached 15 followers & 50 likes! It’s motivating to know that people appreciate what I have to say & it inspires me to carry on my own journey to share with you all! Don’t […]

Thank You!

I just wanted to quickly post a thank you to all those who have already read or liked my posts so far & to those who have followed my blog… I am looking forward to returning the favour! For new readers to my new blog please feel free to browse & comment! :)