Dalai Lama

Be kind wherever possible… It is always possible. This quote from Dalai Lama is my all time favourite saying! It links in beautifully with a passage I recently read in The Tibetan Book Of Living & Dying… Do I remember at every moment that I am dying, and everyone and everything is, and so treat all […]

Never, Ever Give Up… Inspiration from Arthur Boorman

Today I cam across the video below. There is very little more I can say about it until you’ve watched it, but if you take 5 minutes out of your day for anything today, do it for this: More than anything, the journey taken by Arthur Boorman shows just how powerful yoga is. And not […]

7 Health Benefits of Meditation!

Today I read an incredible article published here on foodmatters.tv… It describes an experiment conducted by Harvard Medical School who discovered that meditation can actively encourage the following physical changes to our body: Increased immunity Emotional balance Increased fertility Relief from irritable bowel syndrome Lowers blood pressure Acts as an Anti-inflammatory against Stress Calmness of […]

A Timescale is Not An Ambush

I bet if I was ask the majority of you how you felt after meditating there would be a general consensus towards positive words. “Calm; Serene; Encouraged; Optimistic; Hopeful; Confident; Buoyant…” I’ve noticed that one of the most beautiful things about meditating is that when you first close your eyes, you are closing them to […]